Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence


Western's Policies prohibit sexual harassment, gender-based harassment and sexual violence, and discrimination. The University is committed to resolving complaints alleging illegal acts of discrimination at the earliest and most informal levels, depending on the nature of the complaint. It is committed to conducting investigations in a timely manner, in alignment with the principles of due process. Our civil rights statutes, as well as Western’s policies, prohibit retaliation for participating in a complaint procedure.

  • Contact the Equal Opportunity Office and the Title IX Coordinator either by phone or by email to request assistanc seek an informal resolution or to file a formal complaint; or

  • Contact the University Police or the Bellingham Police Department.

  • An online reporting form is also available. These forms can be filled out anonymously; however, if you choose to remain anonymous, please know that the Equal Opportunity Office may not be able to look into your situation or investigate without further information. If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination, there are many reporting options and confidential support services available. 

WWU Confidential Support Services for Students

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Whatcom County Confidential Support Services

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Kitsap Sexual Assault Center & Crime Victim Assistance Center

Snohomish County Confidential Support Services

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