Gender Neutral Facilities


Gender neutral facilities provide important restroom and locker room access for people of all gender identities, as well as for people with disabilities who are assisted by someone of a different gender, and for parents and caregivers with children of a different gender.  Additionally, at Western and under Washington State law, everyone has the right to access gender-specific facilities according to their gender identity. 

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Gender neutral restrooms are available throughout campus and can be located by using the interactive campus map and by filtering for gender neutral restrooms.

Academic building directories list the locations of gender neutral restrooms in the building, or the location of the nearest gender neutral restroom if there is not one in the building. Educational signs outside newly converted gender neutral restrooms help educate the campus community about the importance of these facilities.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

University Residences provides Gender-Inclusive Housing as an option for students wanting a room assignment that is not based on gender. Gender-Inclusive Housing is intended to provide a supportive living environment for students whose gender identity and/or gender expression does not conform to the gender binary, and for LGBTQ+ students and allies more broadly.  In Gender-Inclusive Housing, room assignments are not based on residents’ genders.

Students with questions about Gender-Inclusive Housing or housing assignments in any residence hall, may contact University Residences.